Dedicated IT Service Desk for Your Business

Boost collaboration, engagement, productivity, and security, while exceeding customer expectations with the incredible benefits of our cloud-based UCaaS. At ScopeLogic, our goal is to empower your business by prioritizing the customer, combining the knowledge of your people with the voice of your customer.

We understand that your customers’ expectations are what drive your business, and our focus on people and processes ensures that we consistently meet your needs. Our help desk software, powered by cloud technology, enables remote support and quick resolution of customer tickets, eliminating any complexities in your CRM.

Ensure a clean and secure customer experience with our unified customer care solutions. Book a call or demo today.

At Scope Logic, our emphasis on people and processes ensures that your business needs are consistently met. However, your business needs are only an outflow of what your customers expect from you.

Your business is primed for success if you maintain a commitment to invest in the resources you need to ensure that you deliver customer-centric solutions better than anyone else in Australia. Your solutions are only complete when they help you maintain contact with the customer in a way that makes it efficient to provide support as and when due.

Service Requests

Scope Logic’s help desk software enables remote support via cloud technology. This allows you to provide resources remotely. Resolving help desk issues with the software means you can deal with customer tickets quickly.

Our Goal with Service Requests

Our driving force at Scope Logic is empowering your business by making the customer your number one priority. As we’ve stated clearly in our mission, we wish to bring together “the knowledge of your people with the voice of your customer.”

Regardless of where you are, in terms of digital transformation, we realise it’s our job to help your team members have in-depth knowledge of your products and business. Therefore, our Service Requests software enables your team to explore communication technologies that promote business growth.

Our key communication offering leverages VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service), and CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service). You now have a powerful way to consolidate your core platforms into one robust communications solution.

Some benefits of our system is integrating Microsoft Teams-powered feature phone systems for advanced customer communications. This alone greatly eliminates the need to switch apps.

Leverage service desk solutions that ensure continuity in your business today. Our team of seasoned experts is looking forward to hearing from you today.

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UCaaS via cloud

Our UCaaS is made possible via a winning partnership with 8×8® Unified Cloud Communication, the only cloud-based provider offering premium business phone services, collaboration, virtual meetings, and enterprise-level support centre solution in one comprehensive and reliable cloud Communications software.

Now, sign up and let’s help you bridge the gap between Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). This is the preferred way to give your customers a clean and secure customer experience.

Cloud-based UCaaS will help your organisation boost collaboration, engagement, productivity, and security for customer-first delivery and a thriving business. Using the modern analytics tools present in UCaaS will help your business to exceed customer expectations.

Combining 8×8’s global communications delivery experience and Scope Logic’s Australian focus is key to helping you unlock new levels of customer success in your business. Our certainty about this is obvious in our willingness to offer you a financially-backed, end-to-end Service Level Agreement (SLA) in the contract for call quality and uptime.

Unlock new levels of customer success by optimising operations across all your digital channels. Book a free consultation today.

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Cloud Contact Centre

8×8’s cloud-based Contact Centre as a Service leverages modern hosting and integrated technology to enable your team to manage customer enquiries via a number of digital channels. The context of each interaction is preserved, however.

Your organisation’s support agents can transition between digital and voice communication with minimal effort, while making the most of advanced features such as Automatic Call Distribution and Interactive Voice Response. Real-time analytics are also available in CCaaS for continuous improvement efforts.

Here’s the best part: 8×8 enables your team to work productively no matter where they are.

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Scope Logic Service Desk Software

By partnering with us as your Managed Services provider, your company will  leverage the following benefits:

24/7 Support

Our IT Help Desk Support is available around the clock, no matter where you’re using our secure service desk software in Perth and outside Western Australia.

Your entire support platform is available with call, chat, contact centre, directory, and video conferencing. Every member of your team can operate this system from anywhere and at any time.

Having your business operations up and running whenever customers access your services is a surefire path to efficient business continuity.

Prompt Responses

Our people are empathetic and value integrity, so you can count on getting timely responses to your support requests. That’s why we always show up when customers type “ict service desk perth” and hit Enter in their browser.

Cost-Effective Support

Remote IT Support regularly eliminates the need for on-site visits, minimizing your support expenses.

We deliver fixed-price packages that take your budget and requirements into account. We understand your organisation’s need to optimise total cost of ownership by ensuring that your communication, collaboration, and consolidation services play well together.

Efficient Resolution Mechanism

of support. This helps us to resolve issues quickly, either through remote support or onsite engagement.

On the customer side, we support you to integrate your customer service centre and existing phone system with your CRM. Wouldn’t you like to gain better visibility of the entire customer process? That’s precisely what we guarantee.

Seamless Communication

Our Service Desk Portal allows you to submit support requests directly to our expert team. Our passion for customer communication means we are always happy to talk with our customers to resolve issues in a timely manner.

Complete Transparency

Stay informed on the progress of your support requests in real-time through our Service Desk Portal. Resources we provide for this include monthly reporting and regular correspondence to maintain the connection.

Extend your Team

We understand that your technical team doesn’t have to be in-house. Our industry-renowned experts will tailor our Scope Logic help desk solution to suit your business as we’ve done for multiple clients in Australia.

Our experts’ knowledge will enable you to provide your customers with technical support software on your platform. Your collaborative workspaces may be data, cloud, or on-site, depending on your needs and preference.

Scope Logic help desk software can assist companies with custom automation of tickets, users, systems, and resources for technical support. The key benefit of this setup is that your staff can easily access apps, contact users, provide assistance, deploy solutions, and leverage the skills of our team in Australia.

Our support services help you in hiring the right people for your teams.

Level 3 Escalation Services

Exactly how much control would you like to have over your systems? We consider ourselves obligated to go beyond serving standard requests. This includes getting expert assistance precisely when you want it, relative to project requirements. To this end, we deliver:

Windows Engineers

Our Microsoft Engineers are MCSE-certified veterans each with more than a decade’s experience in deploying and maintaining on-premise and cloud-based systems.

Storage Engineers

Storage Engineers at Scope Logic are specialists in Storage Area Network topology. Their knowledge of backup and disaster recovery products. You’d rather have the best hands available probing your mission-critical systems than anyone else, wouldn’t you? We agree.

Network Engineers

Also boasting a minimum of 10 years of experience, our Cisco-certified Networking staff know just what to do to optimise any LAN, WLAN, or WAN system in Perth.

Security Engineers

The essence of secure systems cannot be over-emphasised. For this reason, our Security Engineers are really a hybrid of network engineers and software engineers capable of probing systems with ruthless precision with the aim of revealing vulnerabilities.

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