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At Scope Logic, we’ve partnered with Zoom to offer your team a seamless and engaging virtual meeting experience. With crystal-clear video, crisp audio, screen sharing, breakout rooms, virtual backgrounds, and secure encryption, Zoom offers a comprehensive set of video conferencing app features to keep your people connected and productive.

But we go beyond just offering Zoom’s powerful solution – we provide expert consultation, deployment planning, and ongoing support to ensure high levels of success with your virtual meetings.

Our expertise in Zoom deployment ensures you get the most value out of your video conferencing systems, with expert consultation and a carefully designed deployment plan tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Trust us to guide you through the deployment process and maximize the value of Zoom video meetings for your organization. Let’s get you started today.

Empower Your Team with Zoom's Cutting-Edge Video Conferencing Solution!

Today, virtually every organisation uses some form of video conferencing to connect and accomplish things. That’s why we have partnered with Zoom, one of the best online meeting platforms on the market today. Zoom is a renowned, user-friendly video conferencing platform that has become synonymous with online meetings.

Zoom is a virtual meeting platform designed to make virtual meetings feel as engaging as face-to-face interactions.

We make this online meeting software work for you by leveraging our knowledge of the software and your organisation.

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Features to Keep Your People Connected

With Zoom, you enjoy a virtual meeting software with features that goes beyond video calls:

Enjoy crystal-clear video quality and crisp audio, making your virtual meetings feel as natural and engaging as face-to-face interactions. With Zoom, you can bring your team together, no matter where they are in the world.

Share your screen effortlessly during meetings or presentations, allowing your colleagues to follow along, provide input, or take control when needed. The virtual conference software annotation features let you and your team add notes, highlights, or drawings directly on the shared screen, ensuring effective collaboration.

Maximise productivity and encourage focused discussions by utilising Zoom’s breakout rooms. Divide your team into smaller groups for brainstorming sessions, problem-solving, or workshops, and then reconvene for a seamless debrief.

Present a professional appearance in every meeting with Zoom’s virtual backgrounds, allowing you to choose a custom backdrop for your video calls. The touch-up feature helps you look your best by subtly enhancing your on-screen appearance.

Never miss a moment or an important detail with Zoom’s video conferencing tools, from meeting recording to transcription features. Capture video and audio, and generate accurate transcriptions, ensuring that crucial information is always accessible to your team.

Bring your virtual meetings to life with Zoom Rooms, an all-in-one virtual conference platforms solution that combines state-of-the-art hardware and software to create an immersive meeting experience.

Protect your organisation’s sensitive data with Zoom’s secure end-to-end encryption, safeguarding your communication and keeping your virtual meetings confidential.

Stay organised and manage your team’s meetings effortlessly with Zoom’s calendar integration and scheduling features. Coordinate your calls, send invitations, and set reminders, all within your preferred calendar app.

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Why trust Scope Logic for your Zoom deployment?

Our commitment to your success goes beyond just offering Zoom’s powerful video conferencing system. We’re here to support you every step of the way, with expert consultation and strategy. Plus, a carefully designed deployment plan so that you get the most value out of using the program.

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