Key into the rise of cloud technology with our multifaceted cloud offerings.

Cloud services offer a practical and efficient way to modernize your business operations. By leveraging our solutions, you gain tangible benefits that propel your business forward.

  • Simplified Infrastructure Management: Transition to a more streamlined operation with our cloud technology. The need for managing physical infrastructure and dealing with complex life cycle management is eliminated. This shift allows you to focus more on strategic business initiatives rather than on maintaining hardware and software.
  • Flexible Scalability: Adapt to the changing demands of your business effortlessly. Our cloud solutions provide the flexibility to scale your resources according to your business needs. Whether it’s increasing storage or boosting computing power, our cloud environment adapts seamlessly, ensuring you have what you need when you need it.
  • Secure, Anywhere Access: Benefit from the freedom to access your data and resources securely from any location. This capability is crucial in today’s mobile-first world, where being able to connect to your business resources from different locations is not just a convenience but a necessity. Our cloud services offer robust security measures, ensuring your data is safe and accessible whenever you require.

Go private, public, or hybrid on the cloud, with tailored expert recommendations from our cloud technologists.

How Our Cloud Migration Works

Cloud Readiness Assessment

We usually begin by determining a migration strategy to quickly get your cloud operations off the ground. We’ll assess your current technologies, the readiness of your people and corporate culture, and the best action points for a quick actionable roadmap.

Cloud Security Assessment

Some key cloud solutions can be both a blessing and a bane. Our risk mitigation team is always on the lookout for security vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure. Whether it’s your Microsoft 365 or customised solutions, ScopeLogic helps put your business on top of any cloud security risks, regardless of their nature or origin.

Cloud Migration Services

Roll out cloud integrations and upgrades seamlessly with our cloud migration services. From implementing Essential 8 Controls to providing quick on-site response to emergencies, and network and security management services, we’ll facilitate cloud migration while ensuring uninterrupted continuity of business operations.

For private cloud, we can set up high-performance on-premises infrastructure to give you total control over your cloud facility.

We also work with industry leaders to bring you the best of the public cloud, catering to your compliance and security needs with the highest standards.

Tap into the best of both of these worlds with our hybrid cloud solutions. From Microsoft Hybrid Cloud to virtualization solutions, our hybrid cloud solution has you covered from all angles. We’ll help you determine what needs to be held in private cloud, and what can go on public cloud.

Simple but Powerful Cloud Solutions

We’ll help put you on the most optimal path to cloud migration. Adopt the cloud without infrastructural impediments, scalability issues, or runaway expenses.

Complete Control Over Your Cloud

Enjoy the required level of control needed for compliance with regulatory and security standards. For the public and hybrid cloud, our backup, networking, and security provisions mitigate exposure to network-borne risks.

Trackable and Measurable ROI

By streamlining your cloud operations and giving you firmer control over them, we increase your chances of securing tangible returns that can easily be tracked and measured.

Upgrade your business operations with cloud solutions today. Reach out to us and let our experts help you work out an optimal cloud migration strategy.

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