Transformative force that can revolutionise your productivity.

Microsoft Teams is more than just an application; it’s a transformative force that can revolutionise your productivity. However, it takes a meticulous strategy to make the most of it.

Scope Logic is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of Microsoft Teams! At Scope Logic, we specialise in enhancing the capabilities of Teams, providing you with the strategies and technology integrations needed to boost productivity and engagement.

With our expert guidance, we’ll seamlessly integrate advanced features into Teams, taking your staff and customer engagement to new heights.

We’ll simplify your operations with a single hub for all your communication needs, removing complex hardware and vendor dependencies.

Leverage a  unified hub where your team’s communication and collaboration dreams come to life. Talk to Scope Logic today.

Comprehensive Collaboration, All in a Single Hub

Microsoft Teams, a comprehensive tool for communication and collaboration, can become even more powerful with the right strategies and technology integrations. As experts in secure collaboration systems and remote working, Scope Logic can unify and simplify your collaborative systems using Microsoft Teams and improve your team’s efficiency.

Enhance your usage of Microsoft Teams with Scope Logic’s advanced feature integrations. Call us today:

Beyond daily stand-ups, brainstorming sessions, or project status updates, Scope Logic can expand the functionalities of Microsoft Teams to improve your staff and customer engagement. For instance, one of Scope Logic’s secure collaboration solutions is to implement an advanced cloud PBX phone system into Teams. This means your team can manage internal and external calls directly from Teams, eliminating the need for third-party integrations

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If your organisation is centralising its operations into the Teams eco-system, the value of having a single, streamlined communication hub cannot be overstated. Complex Session Border Controllers (SBC’s) and global SIP providers can be replaced with a simpler solution, removing unnecessary hardware and complicated multi-vendor solutions, helping you improve productivity significantly.

Microsoft Teams has transformed the way businesses communicate and collaborate, becoming the fastest-growing application in Microsoft’s history. Many businesses tend to quickly implement Microsoft Teams and encourage staff adoption. However, without a thoughtful strategy and implementation, many potential productivity gains may go unrealised.

Scope Logic’s consulting services and MS teams training can help you make the most of Microsoft Teams in your company.

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Teams

Eliminate disjointed workflows and unlock the full potential of Microsoft Office for higher levels of engagement and productivity.
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Instant Messaging and Group Chat

Minimise email threads and simplify group chats with real-time messaging, promoting collaboration, brainstorming, and idea-sharing within a secure, user-friendly platform.

File Sharing and Document Collaboration

Share files and collaborate on documents in real-time, thanks to seamless integration with Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Edit and track changes together, ensuring everyone stays up-to-date with the latest file versions.

Feature Rich Phone System

Experience seamless call management with Microsoft Teams’ integrated phone system, which simplifies your infrastructure and enables streamlined communication.

Teams Rooms

Create a state-of-the-art meeting experience with Microsoft Teams Rooms, bridging the gap between physical and virtual spaces.

Using a combination of hardware and software tools, these rooms facilitate an immersive and true-to-life collaborative experience for your team and clients.

Video Conferencing

Host high-quality video conferences to bring your team together, no matter where they’re located, for effective collaboration and communication.

Platform Integrations

Integrate Microsoft Teams with other platforms and tools your team uses, streamlining workflows and boosting overall efficiency.

Screen Sharing

Share your screen during your Teams meeting or presentations, allowing your colleagues to follow along, provide input, or take control when needed.

Task Management and Scheduling

Keep track of your team’s tasks, deadlines, and progress with Microsoft Teams’ built-in task management and scheduling features, helping everyone stay focused and on track.

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