With increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability, a virtual contact centre is a must for Perth Business.

If your Perth business relies on a call centre for handling customer communications, you may wonder how you can modernise it to improve your business.

What is a Virtual Contact Center?

A virtual call center is a call center that is centralised in the cloud, rather than in an office floor with cubicles of customer service agents. Its function is the same as that of a regular call center but with agents working across various locations and even time zones.  

It is not hardware and location independent, and offers significant advantages for collaboration between remote, in-office, and hybrid teams, ensuring reliability and agility even when disruptions occur.  

Serve Your Customers Better

At Scope Logic, we speak to many companies like yours who want to know how they can equip their contact centre staff to serve their customers better. While there’s no sole answer to this question, we believe that an integrated cloud contact centre gives an ideal platform for fantastic customer service. 

To win, serve, and retain customers in 2022 and beyond, a virtual contact centre is a must

With virtual contact centre it comes with virtual customer service. Customers have access to timely and personal attention without having to adjusting their schedules to meet the limited availability of phone/online service agents. 

With service agents working from home or remotely, virtual contact centre significantly decreases costs related to the rental of office space. A power, all in one virtual contact centre like 8×8 is flexible, reliable and conferring many other benefits:   

Move your contact centre to the cloud with zero disruptions

Don’t miss opportunities to build positive customer engagements because your communications technology doesn’t support timely, personal and professional services.

If you’re looking for a cloud contact centre that can provide you with the excellent customer service your business needs, contact Cloud Contact Centre today. We’d be happy to discuss your specific requirements and help you find the perfect solution for your business.