Perth Phone System Install and Support

We have developed a set of processes and procedures to ensure that your new phone system install is completed on time and with minimum disruption to your business operations. 

There are five key steps you need to be aware of when installing your new communication platform:

Select correct connections and identify cabling requirements


Choose a phone system that will provide your business flexibility.


Plan and schedule installation.


Train staff


Arrange support and maintenance.

on time.
minimum disruption.

During the planning phase of your phone system install, our technicians will work with you to determine the level of cabling you require for your new phone solution. Depending on your office situation we can help you with a single point install or an entire office cabling solution. 

We can set up all of your accounts with telcos (telecommunications companies) and ISPs (internet service providers) prior to your phone system install to ensure you get the right connections from the outset without the hassle of managing each provider.

All work relating to your phone system install will be conducted at a time that causes the least amount of disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Once the installation is complete we enter into a testing phase where we run through a series of test procedures to ensure that all the features and functions of your new phone system are fully operational.

Prior to putting your new phone solution into a live environment, we conduct training sessions so that all users understand how to use the key features and functions. 

On-going support is provided once your phone system has been installed. We pride ourselves on our unique approach to phone system support which results in issues being resolved faster and 
cost effectively. 

Complimentary Consulting Services

As a part of our Group of companies and to complete our services our sister company is able to provide Perth IT Consultants to your organisation. Scope Logic provides end-to-end IT consultancy to Perth based businesses.

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