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Microsoft Teams PBX Calling

Many companies already use the Microsoft (MS) Teams suite as the primary collaboration app. In addition to the robust internal communication capabilities,  MS Teams can be used as a comprehensive business phone system for external voice calling. Suppose you’re a Teams’ user and haven’t enabled ‘cloud calling” to call and receive calls from externally. In that case, you’re missing out on the simplicity of staying connected with everyone directly from your main collaboration interface.


Streamline communications

Make, receive, forward, transfer, or record calls using any Teams-enabled device to foster greater productivity and be more flexible and effective in communicating and collaborating. 

Manage and Protect

From a business perspective, an integrated internal and external communication and collaboration platform is much easier to manage and protect. For example, organizations can adopt a standard security policy across all locations, which can greatly reduce potential security risks from growing cyber threats. You can also control or make changes to user and call settings from a central MS dashboard.  


Microsoft Teams Telephony Perth offers unparalleled flexibility in deploying PSTN voice calling. Organizations can choose Microsoft Calling Plans, Operator Connect or Direct Routing as a Service, for their Microsoft Teams to be voice-enabled.

Whether or not your organization has already deployed Teams, it’s important that you know all of the options to enable the enterprise team calling Perth

That said, organizations evaluating telephony for Microsoft Teams are often unfamiliar with the different public switched telephone network (PSTN) connectivity options that are available.

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