Cloud Communications

Perth businesses looking to improve customer experience need to have cloud contact centre and CRM integration

The integration of the phone system and CRM allows you to combine calls and customer data into a single system to give you all customer information, generate call reports, and saves all conversations in seconds. With a one-click call, view call notes in CRM, and response tracking from one platform, integration between your cloud phone system and CRM system can save you both time and money.  

Every organisation in today’s digital world is putting its effort into providing customers with the latest communication option. The benefits of a contact centre and CRM integration will be visible in every company department. Here are a few of them:  

Marketing – if you enable call tracking, the system will fill all client activities in CRM for marketers to fine-tune Google Ads, be more effective in content generation and communication, and optimise marketing budget.  

Sales – Because the entire history of calls and conversation records are stored in the system, it is much easier for sales to find information and lead the client to a deal.   

Support – the integration allows your support to immediately see what kind of service or product is available to the client, with the product or service details. This information will help your support team to save time and spend less time solving technical problems.  


The Powerful Duo: Virtual Contact Centre + CRM Integration

Organisations of all sizes and industries are seeking smart ways to bring the separate parts of their business closer together.


Cloud contact centre integrated with CRM gives you all customer information in seconds. With a one-click call, view call notes in CRM, and track responses all from one platform, it simplifies your agent desktop and increases the speed and quality of contact resolution.  

8x8 contact centre

Delight your customers and empower employees with AI-powered workflows for every interaction, powered by the most secure, agile, and intelligent cloud communication system. The 8×8 Contact Centre solution fits all business sizes with built-in CRM, out-of-the-box, and custom integrations with popular CRM providers to better assist businesses looking to meet customer needs and preferences. 


Included native CRM

3rd party CRM

Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and more

Custom CRM integrations support available

MS voice and contact centre integration

For companies looking to maximise their Microsoft investment, Microsoft Teams allows Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solution integration into Teams to support customer interaction work streams within Teams.  

Simplify customer engagement workflows and ignite collaboration across the organization with 8×8 Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams with a full suite of omnichannel contact centre functionality. Fully integrated with Teams, this integrated solution allows agents to quickly connect and collaborate to resolve customer issues faster and more efficiently. Now with 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams available in numbers and calling plans in more countries, this powerful duo reimagined the agent experience to empower them to elevate your customer experience. 

Unclock more value from your cloud contact centre

A phone system CRM integration Perth is a powerful and effective tool for improving sales and delivering a superior customer experience. Scope Logic offers mature, feature-rich cloud PBX platforms that can easily integrate with various third-party business software.   To learn more about how you can unlock more business value with Scope Logic, get in touch today for a free demo.